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Water Buffalo Club 716

Official Water Buffalo Club CLASSIC Hat - Blue

Official Water Buffalo Club CLASSIC Hat - Blue

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These Classic Water Buffalo Club hats are designed in Buffalo but are being made overseas. Our Water Buffalo Club logo is embroidered directly on the hat. On the back of the hat is a tag that reads 'Water Buffalo Club," as seen in the picture, so you know they are OFFICIAL. They are lined with a foam liner to hold them up. If they get wet, hang them to dry, and do not put them in the dryer. 
🍀🍀 please indicate if you want the shamrock adhered to the Buffalo(see photo). This is a special just for St. Patrick’s Day. It is an iron on patch, and could always be removed ☘️☘️
**If this is a gift and you want a message attached, please leave those details in the 'Notes' section.
**These hats have a small piece of elastic in them. For a larger head - please remove the elastic with a seam ripper or scissor. 
**All orders ship in a USPS priority box. 
**These hats are approximately 9" tall. They can fold inward so they do not block anyone sitting behind you.

What the WBC716 likes to support:

  • A portion of proceeds goes to the Buffalo (Bison) exhibit at the Buffalo Zoo (a natural fit for us)
  • Stitch Buffalo – - Stitch Buffalo is a textile art center committed to empowering refugee and immigrant women through the sale of their handcrafted goods, inspiring creativity and inclusion through community education, and stewarding the environment through the re-use of textile supplies.



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