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Frequently Asked Questions:

We offer priority shipping methods and typically use USPS, but sometimes we use UPS. We do offer a local pick-up as well.

We can ship anywhere in the world. If you are outside the USA, please get in touch with us so we can help estimate the shipping.

Child /Small: 19" – 21"

Medium: Circumference -  21" – 23"

Large: 23" – 26"

Extra Large: ***This is a  special order


What is the difference between a classic one and a deluxe one?

Classic hats: These hats are designed in Buffalo but are made overseas. Our Water Buffalo Club logo is embroidered directly on the hat. On the back of the hat is a tag that reads 'Water Buffalo Club," so you know it is official!

Deluxe Hats: These hats are made in Buffalo, NY. A tag on the back of the hat reads 'Water Buffalo Club, made in Buffalo, NY. They are made from luxury shag fur, one of the most popular furs commonly used in mascot suit-making. It is known for its shiny softness. Next is a foam form that holds the hat shape and is lined with a soft jersey knit cotton material for comfort. They are handmade by local refugees/immigrants who have settled here from various countries and work with Stitch Buffalo to make all the Deluxe hats. We support their mission to build community through their textile arts. 

What if I have an idea for a hat? Can you do custom orders?

We always get ideas sent to us and try our best to work on them. If you have an idea for a hat, please email it to us. If you have a custom order and can make it happen, we will do that.

What if they get wet?

They dry quite nicely and quickly. Please hang them up and do not put them in the dryer


Am I a member of the club once I join? How does that work?

Yes – you are a member once you buy a hat or a membership. We ask that you join the Facebook page in the instructions when you get the hat. We also communicate through email when we have events and happenings going on. 


We always work with each customer to ensure you are satisfied with your purchase. Please get in touch with us; we are always willing to exchange sizes, etc.