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Water Buffalo Club 716

Multifunctional Hand Muff Plush Pouch with Interior Pocket

Multifunctional Hand Muff Plush Pouch with Interior Pocket

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Shag Fur Color

These are handmade and use high-quality materials. Local refugees/immigrants that have settled here from various countries, and work with Stitch Buffalo, make all the muffs. We support their mission to build community through their textile arts.

Our Water Buffalo Club logo patch is sewn on the front of the muff. On the back is a tag that reads 'Water Buffalo Club, made in Buffalo, NY," They are made from luxury shag fur, one of the most popular furs commonly used in mascot suit-making. It is known for its shiny softness. The inside has a thick fleece interlining ensuring the thermal insulation properties and the comfort level of the hand muff. For convenience, the 3/8” white landyard cord attached to the muff can lay around the neck.

Keep your hands warm and store your phone, money, keys, wallet in the inside pouch.  It is also allowed into Bills games per a spokesperson with the team. 



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